American Street Capital

Exactly what kind of company is American Street Capital?

We're a leading national commercial mortgage broker headquartered in Chicago, IL. Our staff includes experts in commercial lending who help individual investors, real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, small businesses, and mid-sized businesses secure loans all across the United States. Unlike other commercial brokers, American Street Capital specializes exclusively on commercial mortgage lending. Our staff has collectively been responsible for over $800,000,000 in loans closed, which should be the most reassuring factor of working with us.

Why is American Street Capital better than working directly with a lender?

Today the exclusive banking relationship is no longer a profitable approach to commercial lending. Having many institutions restricted or often taken over, their ability to offer competitive rates are very limited. Also, unlike most lenders restricted by regulatory constraints that limit what they can even lend on, American Street Capital can offer loans on many more property types, more flexibility terms, rates, and funding timelines. We are able to do this because we have earned preferred lending status with premier commercial, institutional, and individual investors locally and nationally. American Street Capital will ensure your loans will be approved and processed faster through us than just about anybody else including the end client.

What kind of loans does American Street Capital offer?

American Street Capital's expertise is real estate backed transactions. If it includes real estate, regardless of asset type, industry, or loan size, American Street Capital has the ability to respond quickly with results. With that said, our true expertise is multi-family, owner-occupied, office, retail, and industrial.

Why should I apply for a commercial loan?

In the tight capital market environment, it is always recommended to secure an attractive loan if available. For many investors, this is the ideal time to buy as properties and businesses are available at record discounts and we can still offer as little as a 20% down payment for multi-family and 15% down payment for owner-occupied properties.

I need a refinance/cash out loan, but I heard that no longer exists, is that true?

One of our greatest values today is having the resources to offer multi-family and owner-occupied properties cash out options. We consistently are able to deliver on this type of request and one of the main reasons why there is such a high demand for our services.

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Who are American Street Capital clients?

From first time real estate investors to international corporations, American Street Capital prides itself in offering customized solutions to virtually every level of investor or company. Although our clients vary greatly, the one common element is the belief that having an industry leading commercial lending advisor like American Street Capital is a critical component of their long-term success.

What are you looking for in a borrower?

Although we work with many different borrowers there are three overlapping characteristics that help expedite the loan process and increase investor interest. The first is your personal attributes. This refers to experience, skills, and commitment to a project or business. People lend to people and it always makes a large difference if dealing with a committed borrower. Second is financial strength. This refers to current liquid assets, net worth, and personal income. Although our investors appreciate wanting to borrow as much as possible, having limited ability to repay the debt in case there is a downturn is one of the biggest reasons loans get denied. The last issue is collateral. This is personal or business assets that secure the loan. If a borrower is unrealistic about their value, it makes it difficult to extend the terms and rates most borrowers are looking for.

Is the application process complicated?

Actually it could not be easier. We have created a simple upload form that can be completed within 5 minutes. You will contacted by an American Street Capital loan specialist to walk you through the rest of the process within 24 hours of a submission.

What are your fees?

American Street Capital has one of the most competitive fee structures in the commercial lending industry. With a maximum fee of 1.5% on any transaction we will never be undercut in our fees. We work with every borrower to ensure that unless our fee is made up by the savings in the first 24 months or less, we will reduce our fee.

Do you work with brokers?

The majority of our deals come from third party referral sources. We have one of the most aggressive referral payouts in the industry. Complete the referral partner application to start taking advantage of American Street Capital referral reward program.

If I have additional questions, can I speak to someone?

We welcome the feedback and questions of any prospective borrower or referral source. Please submit your questions to and we will guarantee a response within 24 hours.

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