ASC Small Balance Lending

American Street Capital is proud to announce the launch of a balance sheet bridge program offering customizable and efficient executions for small balance real estate investors.  Our direct bridge lending platform allows us to offer the following:

Direct Bridge Lending Platform

Property Types: All Residential Investment and Any Commercial Asset Classes

Ineligible Properties: Owner-Occupied Residence

Geography: Illinois

Deal Type: Acquisition, Cash-Out Refinance and Rate & Term Refinance

Number of Assets: Single Asset & Portfolio

Loan Amount: $150,000 – $1,500,000

Loan Terms: Up to 12 months

Leverage: Up to 80% Loan-to-Value

Amortization: Interest-Only

Pre-Payment Penalty: Up to 1%

Recourse: Full & Partial Recourse

Minimum FICO: 580

Origination Fee: Starting at 1.50%

Timing:  10-21 days


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